San Diego

Ah, to escape the heat of Phoenix!  We went to San Diego for a 5-day mini-vacation, and this was the view from our room:


We stayed at the Bahia Resort, a first for us.  We opted for the more expensive room with the private beach on the bay, but truth be told, we didn’t sit out there once!  It’s only a 5-minute walk to the beach, which is where we spent our days.  This is nice if you have small children and need to keep a close eye on them and, of course, the water is much calmer on the bay.  This is a beautiful property, and everyone was so very nice.  We plan on coming back, and next time will try once of their garden view rooms, which still has a private patio.  I did see the reviews saying the property is dated, but the grounds are lovely, the pool is nice, and everything is clean and well-kept.  We didn’t eat at the cafe, but did have drinks and appetizers at the Tangier bar, and the food was excellent.

The harbor seals are Billie and Grace, and I’m not sure which is which.  They are rescue seals in a pond at the entrance.  The little ones will get a kick out of feeding time.


There is also a boat ride from Bahia Resort to Catamaran Resort, which is complimentary for guests.  We did it, but I would take a pass on it.  It gets very crowded, so there is nowhere to sit but up on the open deck, and depending on the time of year, it gets chilly.  Not to mention the music is LOUD!  And party/dance music isn’t my thing!  We were on the last family cruise before the cocktail cruises started.  I’m sure it gets even louder, and more obnoxious based on the people we passed when disembarking.  As for the sights, it isn’t really all that much different from what you can see from your patio.

Sunset on our last day:



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