The Bones of You by by Debbie Howells (3 Stars)



I seem to disagree with almost everyone else about this book. The story started out strong, but lost steam quickly. It was long and drawn-out, and how much more could we pack into this: murder, spousal abuse, child abuse, anorexia, bulimia, alcoholism, mental illness, porn of every kind, infanticide, split personalities (I’m sure I left something out)? It took me close to a month to finish reading it.

The story is told from three perspectives. The first is Rosie, the murdered young woman; second is Kate, the mother of one of Rosie’s acquaintances; and lastly Delphine, Rosie’s younger sister. Kate befriends Rosie’s mother, Jo, and becomes enmeshed in the family’s dysfunction. We are led to believe that Kate is going to solve the murder, but the woman is so naïve (along with her journalist friend) that she misses every clue that comes her way. Granted, they weren’t clues to the murder, but some very distinct clues to the “perfect” family she befriends. As for the remaining characters, none of them were intriguing enough to draw you in.

I didn’t find this to be a thriller, and it definitely didn’t make psychological thriller standing. It is a murder mystery that just plodded along, and the murderer was fairly predictable. The only reason this has three stars is because of Rosie’s voice. Her sections were beautifully written, poetic and moving.


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