Foglie d’Oliva


Foglie d’Oliva, such a noble-sounding name for such a simple pasta!  I picked up the pasta because it is made with spinach, my husband’s favorite.  Well, that and I couldn’t resist the fanciful olive leaf shape.  Anyway, this dish is nothing more than buttered pasta with sliced olives.  My mother made this when I was a child, but I have changed the recipe a bit. Spinach noodles are preferred, and we tend to like the heartier pasta shapes.  My secret ingredient is sage.  I melt the butter, add in the sliced olives and saute for a minute.  Add about a tablespoon of sage, or poultry seasoning (careful if it contains salt), some fresh pepper, toss in the pasta, and serve with Parmesan.  This is comfort food at its best.  Bene!


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