Star Fruit & Balsamic


I picked up a star fruit at the store, not knowing quite what to expect. After washing and trimming off the hard ends of the spines, it’s sliced leaving star-shaped bits of fruit.


The skin is edible, and the skin and the texture of the flesh resemble an apple. The fruit was not particularly fragrant or tasty and was a bit of a disappointment. There is a slight orange-lemon citrus flavor to the flesh. I’m sure that I just don’t know how to pick the ripe one! It wasn’t too bad turned into a fruit salad with strawberries and dressed with mango balsamic vinegar and a pinch of granulated honey (try freshly cracked pepper for a savory fruit salad).


I picked up the balsamic from Vom Fass in Sedona, Arizona. If you’re ever in the neighborhood stop by Tlaquapaque Village and sample some incredible oils and vinegars. Casks line the walls and samples are drawn from spigots, making it a fun and unique shopping experience!




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