Dark Matter by Blake Crouch (3-1/2 Stars)


Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Science fiction isn’t usually my choice, but blended with a little philosophy, this was really, really good!

Jason Dessen, a physics professor, leads a happy life.  One night, he is knocked unconscious by a man in a geisha mask, and he awakens to find himself surrounded by people in hazmat suits.  He soon realizes that this is an alternate universe and while he’s still Jason, he’s Jason the genius physicist who has created something mindbending.  Something that transports you to not just an alternate universe, but a multiverse, with all the paths your life would have taken if your choices were different.

Jason needs to get back to his “real” life, and the return trip is fantastical, strange, horrifying, terrifying.  Unfortunately, I can’t say more than that or it would spoil the story.  It will make you think about where you are in life, where you could be in life, what you want or need and why, and what lengths would you go to in order to keep, or regain, what you have.  Do you really know all your facets?

The story is sometimes hard to comprehend, but if you just go with the flow, it does keep you engaged.  The writing is in that new simplistic style that seems to be gaining popularity:

  • It’s like this.
  • Page.
  • After page.
  • Sometimes.
  • Drives me crazy.

Well, it makes for a fairly quick read that will keep you turning the page for more.  With all the action and special effects, I see this becoming a movie soon.

“If there are infinite worlds, how do I find the one that is uniquely, specifically mine?”

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