The Perfect Stranger: All the Missing Girls #2 by Megan Miranda (3-1/2 Stars)


The Perfect Stranger (All the Missing Girls #2) by Megan Miranda

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for an advance copy of this book in return for an honest review.

This is Megan Miranda’s second book, and although it is billed as #2 of All the Missing Girls, it is not part of a series and both are stand-alone books. I enjoyed All The Missing Girls, and The Perfect Stranger was also an enjoyable read.

Journalist/reporter Leah Stevens runs into an old friend at an opportune time. Leah’s life is in turmoil as she has been forced to resign her position at a newspaper, her reputation as a journalist has taken a big hit, and she has a restraining order against her. When Leah meets up with her old roommate, Emmy, who has just left a failed relationship with her fiancee, both leave Boston looking for a fresh start in Pennsylvania. Things start out well, but soon Emmy disappears without a trace.  Or did she even exist?

This was a suspenseful read with quite a few subplots and twists.  We follow Leah’s attempt to find out what happened to Emmy, all the while trying to keep her own past secret. The story takes off in directions you don’t see coming and keep you guessing, although it does bog down in some parts. The ending was a bit unsatisfying as it felt totally out of character for Leah (I can’t explain further without giving some things away!).  But then I thought perhaps it was the central theme and questions of the plot that was most important, not the ending. How well do we really know anyone? How far do you go for a friend? How do you know who to trust? Can the truth have different perspectives? Overall, this was a good book with a lot going on, but it was all pulled together nicely.


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