The Cuban Affair by Nelson DeMille (4 Stars)


Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for an advance copy of this book in return for an honest review.

I’ve read quite a few of DeMille’s books over the years, and have enjoyed every one. This one was no exception. DeMille has a new character, Daniel MacCornick (Mac), a former U. S. Army combat veteran now captain of a charter fishing boat in Key West. Mac’s life is pretty quiet, until he is hired to go to Cuba and bring back $60 million to be repatriated to its rightful owners (well, the Cuban government might take exception to that). Problem is, this is an all or nothing payday.

Like all of DeMille’s characters, Mac is clever and wisecracking, yet likeable. The caper is thrilling and along the way you learn some history and politics. One of the things I like about DeMille’s books is that they always teach you something you didn’t know (read Plum Island if you haven’t). We get a glimpse of life and culture in Cuba, as well as the long for their home felt by many exiles. The writing is superb, so make yourself a Cuba Libre, sit back and prepare to be entertained!


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